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Where did you first discover gentle rain

Why do you read gentle rain?

Compared to other magazines you've seen or read, what do you think is a reasonable price for a copy of gentle rain?

Where did you buy your copy of gentle rain?

How much of this issue did you read?

Which story did you like best?

Which topics are you interested in?

How do you like gentle rain?





Informative content

Service and user value

How do you like the design?

Are there any issues, topics, or themes you'd like to see in upcoming issues of gentle rain?

What will happen to your copy of gentle rain after reading?

How many people read your copy of gentle rain besides you?

You’re halfway through, bear with us

Will you buy the next issue of gentle rain?

Are you aware of gentlerainmag.com?

Are you aware of our gentle rain newsletter?

Which of the following magazines do you read?

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about gentle rain and/or gentlerainmag.com?

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Are you …

Which age group do you belong to?

Family status

What is your level of education

What's your employment status?

What is your household income per year, before tax? (In Euro)

Where do you mainly live?

Your relationship with Hamburg

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